Systems Engineering

Robust systems that enhance your operation

We offer over 20 years of successfully implementing advanced systems thinking to organise, establish, and secure infrastructures for organisations to leverage and enhance their operations.

Systems engineering is a broad, interdisciplinary practice. We provide project oversight, design, integration, management, and retirement regarding complex systems over their lifecycle. We have done systems engineering across various fields and sectors such as product development, business process management, national defence, application integration and more.

Successful systems engineering results in security, efficiency, and well managed, mitigated risk ā€“ focussed around the clients and immediate stakeholder success criteria.

A CDS Product: – Overt AI

Mastery of the Invisible Battlespace

Acquire precise, real-time, and recorded overviews of radio-frequency activity and its geolocation with offensive capabilities. Overt AI is an innovative, wideband, and high-fidelity radio-frequency detection and analysis system that incorporates machine learning artificial intelligence to detect and stop adversary activity, tactics, and techniques.

Overt AI