Sensors & Communications

Secure interconnectivity

Interconnectivity via sensors and IoT communications technology brings users with control over their operational equipment like never before. Along with the opportunities these technologies bring to enhance operational efficiency – there is an increased likelihood of efforts to breach and compromise these assets.

Due to the power of these control systems and automated equipment, infiltrators can identify more entry points, access sensitive information and cause comparatively larger disruptions that have the potential to threaten human life. Due to these technologies being new and developing, security measures are behind and have to adapt. Many industries are rapidly adopting these IoT and operational technologies (OT). Consequently, a severe assault on one organisation can have a widespread impact beyond their network of immediate stakeholders. This knock-on effect scenario is particularly concerning in the critical infrastructure contexts, such as water, energy, and agriculture.

Beyond malicious actors – accidental misuse, unknowing staff, or malfunction is also a possibility. Organisations are likely to incur severe damages without security measures in place upon instalment or instant awareness of anomalous activity.

The Cyber Defence Service can secure these new technologies and networks and ensure that organisations maximise efficiencies and extract as much value as possible.

A CDS Product: – Overt AI

Mastery of the Invisible Battlespace

Acquire precise, real-time, and recorded overviews of radio-frequency activity and its geolocation with offensive capabilities. Overt AI is an innovative, wideband, and high-fidelity radio-frequency detection and analysis system that incorporates machine learning artificial intelligence to detect and stop adversary activity, tactics, and techniques.

Overt AI