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Industry leading computer network and cyber operations

The UK cyber doctrine has defined cyberspace as “an operating environment consisting of the interdependent network of digital technology infrastructures (including platforms, the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, as well as embedded
processors and controllers), and the data therein spanning the physical,
virtual and cognitive domains”.

In the national security context, cyber is vital ā€“ it plays an integral role in protecting the United Kingdom against external and internal threats. Cyber security and operations cannot be dealt with by one government agency alone. It requires the collective experience and expertise of organisations, and specialist support to enhance and ensure security. Our Armed Forces depend on information and communication systems within the UK and international operations. Adversary activities are targeting these systems, presenting a significant and rapidly developing threat.

Most electronic control systems and networks are potentially vulnerable, and the level of damage that can be inflicted varies. From mild irritants such as denied access to the internet, to power disruptions in critical infrastructures or military defence systems that have life-threatening implications.

The Cyber Defence Service actively supports a range of organisations across multiple industries and sectors. We secure networks and conduct operations using state of the art hardware and SaaS based solutions such as our latest offering: – Overt AI

A CDS Product: – Overt AI

Mastery of the Invisible Battlespace

Acquire precise, real-time, and recorded overviews of radio-frequency activity and its geolocation with offensive capabilities. Overt AI is an innovative, wideband, and high-fidelity radio-frequency detection and analysis system that incorporates machine learning artificial intelligence to detect and stop adversary activity, tactics, and techniques.

Overt AI