AI & Machine Learning

A Competitive Edge

Beyond-human defence capabilities with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning programs are increasingly common tools in a malicious actor’s arsenal. Utilising these technologies for defensive purposes has never been as indispensable.

A significant advantage in this context is pattern recognition and instantaneous response times. This technology can “learn” from past attacks, baseline behaviour, and activity. Any abnormal behaviour, no matter how small, gets identified in real-time. AI can enact automated response protocols and notify directing operators to deal with the threat. This is a significant advantage in creating a secure system.

Our product: Overt AI – enhances user radio frequency monitoring and control capabilities with ingrained machine learning and artificial intelligence. In real-time, high fidelity data is thoroughly analysed, interpreted and cross-referenced with past learned activity to enhance the accuracy and reliability of intelligence.

A CDS Product: – Overt AI

Mastery of the Invisible Battlespace

Acquire precise, real-time, and recorded overviews of radio-frequency activity and its geolocation with offensive capabilities. Overt AI is an innovative, wideband, and high-fidelity radio-frequency detection and analysis system that incorporates machine learning artificial intelligence to detect and stop adversary activity, tactics, and techniques.

Overt AI