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Criminal actors that are primarily financially driven would frequently target businesses with cyber exploits. However, the pandemic dramatically accelerated these offences – resulting in what is referred to as a ‘cyber pandemic’. The growing crimes are partly due to an increased reliance on remote work, cloud-based systems and virtual collaboration programs to name a few.

Assailants are using advanced Gen V and targeted ransomware to inflict severe damage to honest and valued businesses. In addition, multiple emerging illicit intelligence and espionage threats leverage the radio-frequency spectrum to extract valuable and sensitive information.

The need for organisations to significantly increase their situational awareness and defences has never been greater.

Private Sector Concerns


Supply chain attacks are becoming drastically common, quadrupling in 2021 from the amount in 2020 (ENISA, 2021).


62% of attacks exploit the trust of customers (ENISA, 2021).


Across North America and Europe, the average cost of a cyber attack on a small business is $25,612 (Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report, 2021).

A CDS Product: – Overt AI

Mastery of the Invisible Battlespace

Acquire precise, real-time, and recorded overviews of radio-frequency activity and its geolocation with offensive capabilities. Overt AI is an innovative, wideband, and high-fidelity radio-frequency detection and analysis system that incorporates machine learning artificial intelligence to detect and stop adversary activity, tactics, and techniques.

Overt AI